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Empty walls are boring.

Artworks Framing System

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Everyone should be able to afford to hang beautiful images in their home, studio, or gallery. To mount your artwork; to showcase your pictures; to decorate your personal space...

This is SnapGraph. A framing system makes presenting beautiful art in your home a snap. 

How simple framing should be!  The design makes the mounting process easy by cutting out the complication and expense of professional framing. All set in 3 steps!

If you change residence, unlock the tabs and roll it up. There is no cumbersome frame; no fragile glass. Everything is ready to go.

For that trendy “Floating Image” look, you can center any size of artwork within the SnapGraph frame. This unique system offers size customization without the cost of traditional framing. The universal alignment system marks guidelines for every type of standard paper size worldwide. Find the correct size of your artwork, and cut the guidelines corresponding to that size.

Why does SnapGraph NOT damage walls? Because of its ultra lightweight, it mounts using the 3M Command adhesive system and removes just as easily leaving no residue behind.

SnapGraph is made of a crystal-clear plastic film that is lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly, and affordable!

Diversity matters! There are different sizes and various series of SnapGraph that can be selected to match treasured artworks.

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