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Beginning from the character

“Rays” Wireless Loudspeaker

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In Chinese word, “Houhei” means a complicated and ambivalent character. Those who hide real purpose and ambition. In fact, this obscure culture attempts to build a strong self-protection awareness to isolate the individual from the vulgarization; to preserve the “elegant” and “low profile.” Actually, this ideological predisposition is a parasitically relationship with vanity. In order to gather the more accurate product position, I focus and observe this unique character, studying their manner to create the persona.


To analyze characters is not enough for determining product position, so it is necessary to consider factors like gender, age, and cost. The loudspeaker characteristics are tightly connecting with user's music preference and aesthetic tendency. I start to build a list to connect materials and shapes with human perception, and then I obtain clear design requirements of one particular personality.


When a “Houhei” individual, who is 25~39 years old male and has a decent income, faces to so many sorts of loudspeaker, which aspects will be decisive factors? In the first place, the visual sense, material, and volume cannot display ostentatiously and vulgarly. Moreover, the young adults market generally emphasizes in vivacity and individuation. When I deal with a particular definition of the market, the “Houhei” group, the design should maintain certain restraint. In one sentence to conclude: control the exaggerated expression and follow functionalism.

Those loudspeaker's attributes match for the personal facts that the "Houhei" character people own.

Now I have reasonable design guidelines and have drafted some sketches to fulfill requirements. The final proposal looks like a sci-fi aircraft. Combined with streamlined features and warm white color, I believe, is a theme the “Houhei” group will appreciate. Furthermore, according to the acoustic study, the egg-shaped sound box provides more smooth frequency response curve, and there will be leeway to adjust the chamber to finalize the hearing quality.

Convenient and smart connections, instead of pursuing multifunction are the keys to designing a product system. When a tired workaholic comes back home and falls into a sofa, his only need is to open the Bluetooth and media library on the smart device. The “Flight” will automatically connect to the closest music device and play it.


Three “egg-shaped” chambers provide sufficient volume for final-stage adjustment. In terms of speaker choice, the average space of the living room in China is 20-30 square meters (for an apartment around 100 square meters.) Thus we need at least two 5.25-inch full-frequency units to provide enough power. To correspond with young people's tastes who usually require abundant low-frequency in Pop/Electronic music, I slightly compacted the resonant chamber to reach this technical goal.


I also improved vertical directivity to suit the typical Chinese living room. When the speaker is elevated in 15 degrees, an adult who sits away from about 5 meters, which is typical distance, can hear straighter audio-frequency transferred from it.

A prototype was displayed in Shanghai showroom in 2013

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