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"I wish I could have the third hand to hold these bags..."

Self-Rolling Strap

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There are so many pieces of stuff that commuters may carry plying between home and workplace. Luggage case, shopping tote, cell phone, umbrella, even a bottle of water, are all needed to hold while commuters are crowding in jiggly public transportation without choice. 

How could we free these people from their bothered belongings?

Samsonite Laptop bag - a good example shows similar design

This scenario is typical and annoying. A smart design that possibly bundles up all the items into one piece might be the way to look. Some luggage brands, in market research, have already released baggage products with a similar feature. These designs can attach bags to each other for single hand grasp. The limitation of similar designs is that only the dedicated stuff can be bundled because of its unique design. Therefore, the new design should be universal, elfin, and affordable. 

“Looper” indeed achieves those standards. As a daily widget, the strap part contains a spring coil so that it can roll any objects up automatically. Once they are wrapped inside, the fabric hook and loop on two sides of “Looper” will tightly stick together. This mechanism binds things strongly, and the whole strap covered by non-slip rubber increases grip reliability. The overall size is easy to carry. On the one end, a round snap hook provides attaching function. Also, the front side has a blank tag for leaving contact information, which is a critical feature for a luggage tool.

The prototype shows a variety of ways that commuters can utilize. User cases include hooking up many shopping bags to the bus handle, tying luggage up before boarding the flight, even holding many things while using the restroom.

The key ring feature demonstrates attaching function, which could hook up accessories or another “Looper.”

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