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Using sticky notes and white board to organize information are no longer good enough for ideas generation. Here is a more powerful tool to be capable of brain storming.

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In the way of generation idea, the connection with the designer, researcher, and users are getting closer and tighter during brain storming process. They usually sit together and use some recording tools, such as a white board or sticky notes, to collect and refine the raw data, whereas these tools have many constraints. For example, the information on the white board can not be able to transmit to other media directly; unreliable paper notes hardly link with each other following the request, which means data can not have advanced construction being converted to an organized database. Even feeling unfamiliar with the on-going conversations usually causes misunderstanding. It makes me think that a digital co-design app might have more potentials to handle these tasks.

First of all, I have realized that a loading information platform without boundary is necessary. In addition, the role of brainstormers in the conference also should be compartmentalized. Who asks the question? Who provides the solution? Who guides and organizes information? The tools in the "Infinispace" are specifically designed for these roles’ behaviors.


Using Cloud technology, "Infinispace" platform can be shared with anyone who wants to involve and edit content. In terms of operation administration, each participant has editing functions designated by the platform creator. Typically, there are two models to set up the system. The first one is Master-Slave model; the other one is Freestyle model. In the Master-Slave model, the host can edit all the guests' inputs while they are only allowed to edit their own. In the Freestyle model, all participants can freely edit each other inputs.

"Lasso" tool can select information on the board and extracts it for moving.


"Linking" tool can connect extracted information on the board.

Through applying "Label" and "Lasso" in a flexible way, you can check those information relationships in the"Outline" function. It helps you clarify how the data is connected.

"Capture" tool can screenshot the panorama of everything on the board into a time line album. The album and outline also can be uploaded to the cloud server and shared with other users.