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Everybody is wondering:
when can they get a Cricut glue gun?

Glue Gun

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To have a Cricut glue gun on hand can be a very serious crafter's longing. Here is the undeniable reason: when the entire crafting room is full of beautiful Cricut machines, tools, and reliable materials, but using an unsafe, uncomfortable glue gun doing the sticking jobs, and the glue leaks outside the hot tip messing everywhere, that is the moment people want Cricut to invent a good glue gun. 

Under the spotlight, Cricut is looking for a glue gun that is easy-safe even for kids; quick to respond to the project needs, and drips controlled. Making sure this glue gun fits the ecosystem that the company positions in the market.

Twix-Kitkat CMF.8262.png
Twix-Kitkat CMF.8372.png
Twix-Kitkat CMF.8284.png
Twix-Kitkat CMF.8412.png
Twix-Kitkat CMF.8452 copy.png
Twix-Kitkat CMF.82921.png
Twix-Kitkat CMF.830.png
Twix-Kitkat CMF.8311.png

Glue Gun with Safty Stand Concept

For more info please check the official website: HERE

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