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"Tell me, are you satisfied with the lighting when craft?"

Bright 360

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Cricut users know crafts well. They treat crafting as a hobby; as a way to relax when the household chores can put aside; when family members smile at the gift that crafting brings.


Cricut is targeting those who be annoyed by such poor lighting environments when they finally got some fragments of time during the night at home. They have been longing for a good task lamp, which provides broad, evenly bright, and comfortable lighting quality to illuminate what they want to focus on.

Temperature adjustment

Brightness adjustment

Colors gestures perspective PAYDAY.9491.

Up - broad illumination coverage; perfectly fits for a large crafting area

Down - flexible maneuver with self-parallel moving head fits every crafting scenario

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Now, Cricut present a combination of desk lamp and floor lamp at the same time, making target users feel confident as never ever before to enjoy the fun. Sharing the top module so can install on the different fixtures in versatile scenarios.

Behind the scenes


Cricut desk lighting + floor lighting system

For more info please check the official website: HERE

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