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The prosumer from the sign printing studio is looking for the most powerful and efficient heat press on the market, which allows them to build up a self business with strong production. Cricut targets that position as the Sangreal. After uncountable efforts and time are invested, the Autopress is proudly announced to the world.

Autopress is such a powerful and clever heat press the end-user can not be ignored in the machine searching scope. The signature even heating area + patented "fast-heating" technology are inherited from the Cricut heat press family. We devote the idea of the "two-fingers" operation to users, request minimal effort to apply the graphics on the garment, or even a 2 inches thick board surface.

The precision parallel moving mechanism makes the heat plate press the object firmly without shifting, to guarantee the result is nice and clean. After the pressing sequence is finished, the heat plate will open up automatically.

VULCAN NEW.87951.png

The front and rear handles allow one person to lift the machine up.

VULCAN NEW.8803.png

The lock mechanism ensures the unit will not accidentally pop up when transferring.

VULCAN NEW.8805.png
VULCAN NEW 2.86122.png

A detached control pod brings the UI close to the user's hand. Two simple turning knobs control the heat plate temperature and auto pressing duration. Four preset buttons at the top are frequent settings that pro-users can quickly save and access. We design the screen to indicate the most important heat press info, intuitively letting the user focus on operating the main unit.

VULCAN NEW.8807.png

Special designed soft heat-resistant mat insures press outcome quality.

Behind the scenes

For more info please check the official website: HERE

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