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Now the "Beacon" can reach both needs. The built-in sensors first time work together to make a "Beacon"

know when the user needs light. Everything is automatic. "Beacon" adjust itself to suit the ambient lighting perfectly. To save energy, a user also can set up the period of illumination from 10 seconds to infinity. During the daylight, it keeps shutting down no matter whether the user passes by.

"Beacon" is not only a floor lamp. It is a smart lighting solution. The whole system is integrated into three modules, which are sensors, the central controller, and Led. Any lighting design as long as it fits those modules can become the smart "Beacon." 

"Beacon" solution also provides open-source service, which means if you have the ability to play with the Arduino, you also can use my sketch to set up the "Beacon."

Click download below to obtain the sketch on Github:

The darker background is, the brighter it lightens.

Auto-Dimmer Smart Lamp

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When I am back home after sunset, I usually have to grope for the light switch in the dark. That is why I really need a lamp that has a motion sensor knowing if I am here so it would lighten the space. Of course, there are so many choices in the market that can achieve this purpose. However, none of them can dim itself by recognizing the environmental illumination. In other words, these existing products can not understand whether it is daylight or evening, and also are not able to determine when they should be opened, and how bright they should be.

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